Mahrosh Saffron

Pure Quality & Pure Brand.

Mahrosh is a brand owned by Mehar Agro Products Trading based in Srinagar, Kashmir -India (An affilated company of Almahrosh Food Stuff Trading L.L.C - Dubai) specializing in Saffron and other agro products produced in UT of Jammu of Kashmir and Ladakh.

Mahrosh Saffron brand was created with the intention of supplying authentic and pure Saffron from Kashmir to the World.

Mahrosh saffron assures the finest quality of saffron that originates from the saffron fields of Pampore area in Kashmir, which is known by many as Saffron village of India or Saffron town of Kashmir.

Saffron from Kashmir is best known and famous for its strong, exotic aroma and slightly bitter taste.



The Cultivation of Saffron in Kashmir can be traced back to the first century BCE. It has central Asian origins and it is widely believed to have been introduced by some of the earliest travelers to the valley. Saffron, also known as Zaffran or Kesar, and is one of the most precious spices in the world.

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativas, which is commonly known as the Saffron crocus. Harvested just once a year from late October until mid-November, Kashmir’s saffron is mostly grown in the tiny,picturesque hamlets around Pampore, also known as Saffron town of Kashmir. The saffron fields are located in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, central Kashmir’s Budgam and some peripheries of Srinagar. The flowers have 3 stigma’s, which ultimately becomes the most expensive spice called Saffron.

To produce just a single kilogram of Kashmir’s high-quality saffron, the farmers must pluck nearly half a million flower stigmas and to pluck those many stigmas ( all done by hand),farmer needs at least 150,000 saffron flowers which are also hand-picked and then dried for extended usage.

Saffron is cultivated in Greece, Spain, Morocco, Afghanistan, Iran & Kashmir (India). Kashmir produces the world’s best and finest saffron. In Kashmiri language, Saffron is called KONG. Saffron produced in Kashmir has been considered the most famous saffron in the world. This is because Kashmir has a perfect climate for cultivating saffron. Kashmir saffron come in 3 different types which are Mongra or Mogra Saffron, Lacha Saffron and Zarda Saffron

Types Of Saffron


Saffron is the purest and most expensive form of Kashmir’s saffron. This portion of the saffron flower is the deep crimson-colored stigma’s that contain essential nutrients which have some major health benefits.


Saffron is an assorted form of the Mongra, which is the three long, flat red threads with a yellowish – red tail near the seed of the saffron flower.


saffron is the tail of the red filament subtly projected from the center of the small flower known as Lacha saffron and can be used in many preparations including food items, spices, sweets, etc.